Reserve a Room

PLEASE NOTE: This page is for reserving meeting rooms/event spaces. To reserve a study room, please contact us directly.

21st Century Library Meeting Room Fees


User Groups

Users are classified into the following groups for determining scheduling priority and the applicable fees:

a. Individuals living in Hayward

b. Individuals living outside of Hayward

c. Non-profits [501(c) 3,4, or 6] and other public or private civic, cultural, educational, or charitable groups

d. Businesses and other commercial groups

e. City of Hayward and other government agencies (federal/state/city/local)


Fee Rates by User Group

All rates are hourly

Library Facility Capacity   A     B     C   D   E
Fremont Bank Room (whole)  120  $100   $140   $75   $250   $0 
Fremont Bank Room (subdivided ½)  60  $60  $80  $50  $150  $0
Meeting Room C  20  $30  $40  $25  $50  $0
Prep Area**  -  $50  $50  $50  $100  $0
Weekes Library Legacy Room***  90  $0  $0  $0  $0  $0


* Two (2) meetings each month in Meeting Room C will be free if both of the following criteria are met:

i. Meeting is sponsored by a Group C user that is based in Hayward and serves primarily Hayward residents

ii. Meeting is open to the public

** Prep Area is a room next to Fremont Bank Foundation Room A with refrigerator, oven, and sink

*** All events held in the Legacy Room are required to be open to the public


Other Library Meeting Room Fees

Janitorial Service Fee (when needed)   $57 per event, plus janitorial hourly service fee
Room Setup Fee (if requested) $50 - $100 
Attendant on Duty (when needed) $75 per hour



  • All meeting room applications must be submitted via the online scheduling system at least 30 days in advance. Paper applications will not be accepted.
  • Minimum rental is two (2) hours. Hourly rates are not pro-rated for parts of an hour. Partial-hour reservations will be rounded up to the nearest hour.
  • Any setup and tear-down time required must be included in the time requested and will be billed at the same rental rate.
  • Payments must be made at least 14 days prior to the event. Events are not considered approved until payment is received in full.
  • Meeting room cancellations or reschedules are subject to a processing fee.
  • Other service fees (when needed) may also be applicable. These may be assessed prior-to or immediately following the reservation.


Free Meeting Room Options

The Hayward Library has several free meeting room and event space options available to the public:


Meeting Room C at the Downtown Library

Meeting Room C is available free-of-charge for Group C users that are based in Hayward and serve primarily Hayward residents with the following restrictions:

  • Groups are limited to 2 free bookings per month
  • Any event/meeting held in this space must be free and open to the public
  • The room is setup with a conference table and chairs. User can rearrange the tables and chairs as needed, but must return the room to its original setup by the end of the reservation


The Weekes Branch John Pappas Legacy Room

The Legacy Room is available free-of-charge for all user groups with the following restrictions:

  • Groups are limited to 2 free bookings per month
  • Any event/meeting held in this space must be free and open to the public
  • The room is provided with tables and chairs.
    • User is responsible for setting up the tables and chairs in the room and putting them away.
    • Timing for setup and teardown must be built into the reservation.
    • The Library can provide setup and teardown for an additional fee.


Partnering with the Library

Groups can also partner with the Library to plan an event in one of the larger library event spaces. Events that are co-sponsored by the Library do not require reservation fees. To propose a cosponsored program, please complete a Program Proposal Form.


Study Rooms

For smaller gatherings (seven or fewer people), the Downtown Library also has free study rooms available on a same-day first-come, first-served basis. Please contact us to reserve a study room.